About Me

I study ministry and psychology in the frozen tundra known as Minnesota.
I live with my roommate, Anna, and my cat Athena.
I love manga and anime, monkeys and fleece, and the colours orange and yellow.
I also love The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew.
I love music.
I love Wicked and RENT.
I have a passion for the hurting and the broken and an interest in developmental psychology.
I am working through my own issues.
I was born and bred in Ohio, but have now transported to MN.

I love laughing and smiling. I don't do either one enough.
I rarely cry.
I have disabilities, but I try not to let them define me. I'm still just the same as you - I laugh and sing and mourn and rejoice. I do all the same things you do, just a little differently. My crutches do not hold me back, but rather propel me forward.
I am a conquerer and victorious.
I one day dream of moving Down Under.
Video games are awesome. Zelda, Pokemon, Mario, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts... woo!
I run around barefoot whenever possible and when I wear socks, they're always mismatched.
I'm very much a T-shirt and jeans girl, although I do like doing a T-shirt and skirt.to shake things up. ;)
I sometimes wish I could live in pajamas because they are uber comfy.
I am loved. I will one day learn to live in love, but until then, this is my journey.