How do you measure, measure a year

One year ago today I was up at a godawful early hour, getting ready to get my spine fused. Oh look, I took a picture that morning!

Zoe and I were ready to kick some spinal fusion ass.
And in that year, so much has changed. I had issues due to a medication mixup. I still have chronic pain but it's not due to the back, per se, more the NF1. I have a loose screw. 

But what else has changed in that year?

I transferred schools, I got dx'd with fibromalgia. I had family issues, friend issues. Eating disorder has sent me on a roller coaster. But I've grown. Well, literally. Spinal fusion made me taller!

I haz a tall.
I'd write more on my one year date, but I'll do "one year and a few days" later this week. I still have a couple assignments to turn it and then I'm FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Free falling, as free as the... nevermind.


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Steph said...

Hee hee. "I haz a tall." xD

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